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  • Name Title : Reign Season 2
  • Directed by : Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta
  • Season List : Reign

  • Cast : Adelaide Kane,Toby Regbo,Megan Follows,Torrance Coombs,Jonathan Keltz,Caitlin Stasey,Sean Teale,Celina Sinden,Craig Parker,Anna Popplewell,Rose Williams,
  • Genre : Reign / season / Drama / Fantasy
  • Storyline : Reign Season 2 Putlocker on putlockerss: Reign Season 2 Watch Online, Reign Season 2 watch32, Reign Season 2 download, The second season of Reign begins following Mary and Francis in version to the throne of a nation ablaze occurring. France is rocked by the aftereffects of the plague, a disease that creeps inside the castle walls, taking thousands upon thousands of lives across the blazing, and ravages the stability of a nation. From the ashes, powerful lords will rise, satisfactoriness personal, religious and political vendettas, taking lives, and tearing at Mary and Francis's loyalty to each proceed, and their people. Friendships will be tested, loved ones murdered and betrayed. Meanwhile, a obscure and deadly threat snatches victims from village streets and castle corridors; leaving at the in the back evidence of savagery that looks behind the life of monsters; mythical creatures who are the topic of nightmares, but who stroll in the midst of us, battle the Devil's bidding. Enjoy to watch .

Reign Season 2 on Putlockerss Episode List:

Reign Season 2 Episode 1

1. The Plague

Francis and Mary's new rule is threatened when a plague ravages the land. Kenna's life is at risk. Greer discovers something shocking about Leith.

Reign Season 2 Episode 2

2. Drawn and Quartered

A powerful and dominating Lord learns Mary was responsible for his son's death, he demands retribution. Francis and Lola return to the castle with their new son.

Reign Season 2 Episode 3

3. Coronation

Mary searches for a way to feed the people of France; Francis is haunted by suspicions about his dead father's spirit; Catherine plans a lavish coronation ceremony.

Reign Season 2 Episode 4

4. The Lamb and the Slaughter

Shadowy riders have attacked a shepherd, Lord Conde and Bash investigate. Mary reconsiders her relationship with Lola. Leith returns to court.

Reign Season 2 Episode 5

5. Blood for Blood

Tension rises between the Catholics and the Protestants. Francis receives a gift from his dead father. Kenna is shocked by a discovery.

Reign Season 2 Episode 6

6. Three Queens

Mary and Catherine have to hide their identities when they meet a mob of angry peasants. Lola wants to become independent.

Reign Season 2 Episode 7

7. The Prince of the Blood

Princess Claude makes a surprise visit home. The princess is known to be a provocative and reckless young woman. Greer's wedding tour ends earlier than expected.

Reign Season 2 Episode 8

8. Terror of the Faithful

Some Vatican inquisitors punish those believed to be a Protestant. Lord Condé ends up being abducted.

Reign Season 2 Episode 9

9. Acts of War

Bash and Francis come up with a daring plan whilst Mary has a surprising proposal for Claude.

Reign Season 2 Episode 10

10. Mercy

Francis comes to a surprising decision. Mary takes part in a treacherous mission with Lord Condé.

Reign Season 2 Episode 11

11. Getaway

Mary attempts to help Condé after finding out that the Vatican is after him.

Reign Season 2 Episode 12

12. Banished

Mary ends up doing something unexpected. The rivalry between Francis and Condé increases.

Reign Season 2 Episode 13

13. Sins of the Past

As they prepare for a feast, King Antoine tells Francis and Mary about England's plans for revenge.

Reign Season 2 Episode 14

14. The End of Mourning

As Mary and Francis investigate who was behind the poisoning of King Henry (Alan Van Sprang), they unearth secrets of the past which force Mary to confront her feelings for Conde as she attempts to

Reign Season 2 Episode 15

15. Forbidden

Mary's mother (guest star Amy Brenneman) returns to advise Mary that her throne is in jeopardy. Mary makes a shocking proposition to Conde, along with a bold move to reclaim her throne. Francis moves

Reign Season 3 Episode 5

5. In A Clearing

Grateful for a future with a revived Francis, Mary considers signing away her claim to the English throne, and staying in France forever. Catherine learns that Nostradamus has returned -- with a new

Reign Season 3 Episode 6

6. Fight or Flight

Mary realizes she must help Catherine in her quest to become regent, even at the risk of hurting the alliance with Scotland. Claude is determined to help Leith marry while Elizabeth struggles with

Reign Season 3 Episode 7

7. The Hound and the Hare

Mary unearths a dark secret being kept by a Spanish prince, so she seeks Catherine's counsel. Meanwhile, suspicion surrounds a new ambassador from English court; and Bash's quest to find a mysterious

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